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Worried that you won’t be able to stick to a healthy lifestyle for more than one (1) week? 

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 Don’t let thoughts of failure keep you from achieving your health goals.

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Course curriculum

    1. A Winner Mindset

    2. Goal Setting

    3. Changing Habits A Practical Guide

    4. Dealing With Setbacks

    1. Eating To Lose Weight

    2. Protein

    3. Protein Sources

    4. Carbohydrates

    5. Fat

    6. Fiber

    7. Micronutrients

    8. Hydration

    9. Artificial Sweeteners

    10. Supplements

    11. Supplement Guide

    12. Meal Preparation

    13. Meal Timing

    14. Eating Outside

    15. Common Problems

    1. The Clean Eating Guide

    2. The Recipes

    3. The 28-Days Clean Eating Meal Plan

    4. 28-Days Clean Eating Grocery Lists

    1. Physical Activity Introduction

    2. Physical Activity In Practice

    3. Principles Of Building Muscle

    4. Strength Training

    5. Aerobic Exercise

    6. High Intensity Aerobic Training

    7. HIIT

    8. Daily Physical Activity And NEAT

    9. Exercise Nutrition

    1. Creating An Effective Workout Plan

    2. The 120 Days Home Workout Plan

    3. Home Workout Exercises

    4. Streches

    1. Controlled Cheating

    2. Stress

    3. Alcohol

    4. Sleep Overview

    5. How To Sleep Better

    6. Sleep Diary

About this course

  • $29.00
  • 49 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

For A Fun & Healthier Outlook On Life

Who said that living a healthy lifestyle had to be boring and difficult?

Our healthy living program has proven the complete opposite.

Now, you have a unique opportunity to approach life from a different angle, one which will equip you with the mental and physical wellness to optimize each day of your life while enjoying every single minute of it.

Say goodbye to thoughts and habits that prevent you from securing the lifestyle you envision:

  • Afraid that you will be restricted to a boring and bland diet

  • Concerned that you won’t be able to get in the right daily nutrition intake

  • Constantly telling yourself that you can’t do it

  • Sudden food cravings that will seem even more tempting when you’re on your journey

  • Fear that you don’t have the mental and physical stamina for a consistent workout routine

  • Don’t believe that your metabolism rate will allow you to see your health goals fast enough

  • Think that you’re too old to start following a health plan

Instead, usher in a new phase of your life where the dreams and aspirations you have for your health become a reality:

  • Find the right balance between micro and macro intake

  • Eat at the right times of the day to maximize nutrition value & ease digestion

  • Enjoy your meals (and even add in desserts!)

  • Work out smarter (not longer) to keep fit and boost your energy

  • Keep your mind and body operating at optimum capacity

  • Sit comfortably at a body weight that’s healthy for your body type

  • Feel and look a whole lot healthier

  • Live a happier life knowing that you are achieving your goals

The Complete Guide To Healthy Living

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Unlock your body’s fullest potential with a health guide that covers every topic you need to take charge of your wellbeing

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